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July 2003
David Chapman describes how a new species came to Bosence Meadow and how he set about to photograph it. more
June 2003
Nature Diary Bosence Meadow June 2003
David Chapman continues with his series on what to photograph in the natural world, this month he focuses on butterflies, among other things. more
May 2003
Nature Diary May 2003
David Chapman shows us how to encourage birds into the garden for a drink... more
April 2003
Nature Diary, Bosence Meadow, April 2003
David Chapman provides another timely look at what is out and about at this time of the year for the UK nature photographer. more
March 2003
Nature diary Bosence Meadow March 2003 - Blossom and Birds
David Chapman gives us an update on what is happening in the natural world in the UK during this month. more
February 2003
David Chapman explores the cold damp woodland in search of woodpeckers February is a great time to see and photograph these somewhat elusive birds. more
January 2003
Nature Diary Bosence Meadow January 2003
David Chapman on photographing bird through the winter. more
December 2002
Nature Diary Bosence Meadow December 2002
David Chapman takes a seasonal look at what to photograph during the cold and miserable months of winter. more
November 2002
Nature Diary November 2002
As winter approaches David Chapman considers some preparation for attracting wildlife and, as the opportunities to photograph wildlife inevitably recede, he looks at some of the issues of photographing domestic animals. more
October 2002
David Chapman discusses what nature photographers can turn to during the autumn months. more
September 2002
Nature Diary September 2002
David Chapman takes a look at what to photograph in the UK as summer moves towards autumn this month he concentrates on goldfinches one of the most colourful of our native birds. more
August 2002
Nature Diary - August
David Chapman takes a look at photographing birds bathing as we move into the hottest month of the year. more
July 2002
Nature diary Bosence Meadow July 2002
David Chapman continues his nature diary series this month looking at photographing bird behaviour specifically the strategies for capturing images of house sparrows. more
June 2002
Nature Diary June 2002
As we move into summer wild flowers abound and this month David Chapman discusses some of the techniques that he employs in his wild flower photography. more
May 2002
Nature Diary May 2002
David Chapman takes a look at some of the wealth of nature available to the nature photographer in May, focusing on adders and some of the summer bird visitors such as swifts and whitethroats. more
April 2002
Nature Diary April
April is a time for planning you summer photo forays and this month David Chapman outlines strategies for photographing badgers and swallows. more
March 2002
Nature Diary - March
David Chapman takes a look at what is out and about during March and outlines his strategies for photographing pheasant that display at this time of the year. more
February 2002
Nature Diary - February
David Chapman discusses the photographic opportunities on his small-holding and more widely in the UK during February. From the clammy embrace of frogs and toads to the opportunities of photographing birds at a feeding station, David explains what is out and about in February. more
January 2002
Introducing Nature Diary
David Chapman introduces us to his smallholding. He has managed the land to maintain a mix of habitats which he uses to great effect in his nature photography. more
January 2002
Nature Diary - January
David Chapman starts off his new series about photography in and around his smallholding in Cornwall with a close look at photographing the Common Buzzard. more