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June 2003
Getting to Grips with Photoshop - Holiday Blues
Dave Stewart runs through another Photoshop session this time dealing with touching up ‘holiday’ shots. more
May 2003
Getting to grips with Photoshop - Adding Movement
Dave Stewart takes us through another step-by-step photoshop lesson. more
April 2003
Getting to grips with Photoshop - The Eyes have it.
Dave Stewart takes a look at techniques to improve the ‘eyes’ in portrait or people shots. more
March 2003
Getting to grips with Photoshop - A few quick tips.
Dave Stewart draws on his experience doing camera club talks, to cover some of the most popular questions that he faced. more
February 2003
Getting to grips with Photoshop: Edge Sharpening
Dave Stewart takes a further look at sharpening images – this time a more sophisticated method, using the channels and masks techniques mastered last month. more
January 2003
Getting to grips with Photoshop – Channels and masks
Dave Stewart this month takes a look at how to extract complicated elements from one image and placing them into a new one. more
December 2002
Getting to grips with Photoshop - Converting to Black & White
This month Dave Stewart looks at some different methods of converting a colour image to monochrome. more
November 2002
Getting to grips with Photoshop – A History lesson
Dave Stewart is not about to lecture us on the Battle of Hastings – rather he looks more closely at the history function in Photoshop and discovers some of its uses. more
October 2002
Getting to grips with Photoshop - Clean up your image.
Dave Stewart looks at dust and scratch removal on your scanned images. With built in algorithms to detect and remove these blemishes now a feature on most scanners, this is less of an issue than it once was, but it has not removed the problem altogether. more
September 2002
Introducing Curves and the Gradient tool
In this step by step article Dave Stewart looks at adjusting for brightness, contrast and colour in images using the Curves command and the Gradient tool. more
August 2002
Preparing an image for an on-line gallery.
Increasingly, people want to post images on the internet for others to peruse and in addition there is an increasing number of people who want to e-mail images to others. Dave Stewart takes a look at the issues in tackling these two tasks – using the members gallery at UK Photographics as a practical example. more
July 2002
Actions, Contact Sheets & Web Galleries
Dave Stewart takes a look at some of the automated features available to us in Photoshop. These are known as actions (often referred to as macros in other programmes), contact sheets and web galleries. more
June 2002
Getting to Grips with Photoshop
This month we will take a look at Masks, a topic that causes much confusion with a lot of people. more
May 2002
Getting to Grips with Photoshop
Dave Stewart this month shows us how to gain even more control over sharpening an image, and how to see how your printer is going reproduce the image. more
April 2002
Getting it together
Dave Stewart this month looks at the Photoshop tools for creating a photo montage and he runs through an example to show the techniques involved. more
March 2002
Being Selective
There are many times when we may want to digitally alter or enhance only a small part of the image. This month Dave Stewart looks at some of tools in Photoshop for selecting only a specific part of an image to work on. more
February 2002
Getting to Grips with Photoshop – Sharpen up your image.
Dave Stewart takes a close look at image sharpening in this month’s digital photography article. more
January 2002
Getting to Grips with Photoshop – Basic Adjustments
Dave Stewart takes us another step further in using Photoshop, this month looking at some of the basic tools on offer to the photographer. more
December 2001
Getting to grips with Photoshop - Colour Management
In this second article on getting to grips with Photoshop, Dave Stewart tackles the critical issue of colour management, so that what you see on your screen is what you get from your printer. more
November 2001
Getting to grips with Photoshop
This month sees the start of a new series of Photoshop tutorials in our digital section. Steve Bavister will continue to write for us on a variety of topics, but here Dave Stewart shows us how to set-up Photoshop in the first of our new series. more
October 2001
Digital camera or scanner?
Steve Bavister looks at a key question for those starting out in digital imaging more
September 2001
What to look for when buying a digital camera
Steve Bavister runs through some of the key considerations when buying a digital camera. more
August 2001
Storage matters
Storage has always been an issue in photography and this has not changed with the advent of digital photography. Steve Bavister discusses the storage options available to the digital enthusiast. more
July 2001
Summer Shooting
Steve Bavister takes a look at a couple of simple digital enhancement techniques to bolster your summer shots. more
June 2001
Kodak DC4800
At just a little over £400 to members of UK Photographics, the Kodak DC4800 is one of the best value and most versatile three megapixel cameras on the market, says Steve Bavister. more
May 2001
Ricoh RDC-i700
Steve Bavister has been putting one of the more interesting three megapixel digital cameras through its paces. more