IN FOCUS May 2004

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June 2003
Variety is....
Max Earey describes some of the trials and tribulations of his sports photography during the last month or so. more
May 2003
Jet Ski Action
Dave Stewart tells us how he became a sports photographer and shares with us his techniques and tips for photographing this exciting sport. more
April 2003
RIP 35mm...
We have followed with interest Max Earey’s foray into digital capture and now he discusses a further change to the equipment in his camera bag. more
March 2003
Let’s Talk Cars
Max Earey shared with us his first ‘feature car’ shoot and has now gone on to great commercial success in this area. He shares some of his experience and insight in this article. more
February 2003
The 2002 season is............over!
With the F1 season now completed, Max Earey reviews the year and the lessons learned. more
January 2003
Rally Meister
Max Earey works his rally photographic magic once again at the Network Q rally in Wales. more
December 2002
Canoeing in the ‘Right Light’
Max Earey introduces us to a day photographing the fast action of canoeing on the raids of a fast flowing young river. Lots of colour, great action, dynamic setting – all that a sports photographer can ask for, if the light is right. more
November 2002
Making a Statement
Max Earey takes a look at what images have sold well from his stock files over the last few months. Reviewing sales patterns and concentrating on areas where demand is strong or sales success has been achieved, is a key part of running a successful photography business. more
October 2002
Every Schoolboy’s Dream.....
Max Earey gets the dream job for a motor sports photographer – the opportunity to use and photograph a ‘super car’ for four days and fulfil a wide open brief. Heres how he did it. more
September 2002
The D60 earns it’s keep at Wimbledon and Goodwood
Max Earey still shoots the majority of his pictures on film, but digital is increasing its share and Max puts the Canon D60 to good use shooting at Wimbledon and the Goordwood Festival of Speed. more
August 2002
Another Digital Step
The move to Digital is a recurring question. Max Earey was quick to embrace the new technology and is perhaps unusual in having used digital cameras outside of his ‘standard’ kit. This month Max takes a closer look at using the Canon D60 in the field. more
July 2002
One thing leads to another
Spend any time with professional photographers and you quickly realise that the reason they are successful is that not only are they good photographers, but they are also astutely commercial – always looking for a way to make money from their photography. Max Earey outlines a story of how he built commercial success on the back of a friendly conversation more
June 2002
2002 season is GO!
Max Earey shows us the excitement of the first round of the 2002 British Touring Car Series at Brands Hatch. more
May 2002
The need for speed……
Photographic techniques are common to many forms of photography - but particular techniques are used by some photographic disciplines more than others. Max Earey discusses the importance of shutter speeds in sports photography. more
April 2002
Life’s a Beach………………………
Max Earey spends some time on Australian beaches taking images of hang-gliding and beach volley ball. Bringing his skills as a photographer to these slightly more esoteric sports. more
March 2002
Australia 2001 - 2
Max Earey puts together a non-commissioned stock shooting trip to Australia and talks us through some of the issues that he faced. more
February 2002
Network Q Rally of Britain
Max Earey takes us through the trials and tribulations of car rally photography in wet wet Wales. more
January 2002
The Markets
This month Max Earey talks about his experiences in finding markets for his images. In particular he recommends looking at specialist picture libraries as well as working independently to sell his photographs. more
December 2001
My New Nikon!!!!! ( but I use Canon? )
Canon vs Nikon is a conversation that has been going on for probably more years than most of us have been taking photographs and it will almost certainly never be resolved until one of the companies goes bust! Max Earey is a dedicated Canon user, but has now found himself developing a Nikon range… what can be going on? more
November 2001
Formula 1
Max Earey shares a secret to provide access to the top drivers in the world, for those who want to dabble with a little F1 photography or those that want to get a toe in the door – anyone in fact who does not have the privileged passes of accredited professional F1 photographers. more
October 2001
Let’s Rock
Max Earey takes the opportunity to photograph some rock climbing while on a shoot in Cornwall and finds himself in a tough situation as one of the climbers takes a tumble. more
September 2001
24 Heures Du Mans: Me a digital camera and RAIN!
Starting out as a digital sceptic Max Earey takes the Olympus Camedia E-10 into the field and comes away impressed – he also took a few shots of the Le mans 24 hour race. more
August 2001
It’s a Fast World
This month Max Earey demonstrates the flexibility - both creative and professional needed to succeed as a pro-photographer as he turns his hand feature car photography. more
July 2001
Water world
Max Earey takes us on an exotic trip to Hawaii and Australia to photograph windsurfing and sailing. more
June 2001
The Press Pass - To have or not to have?
Sports is one field of photography which differentiates between professionals and amateurs. The Press Pass is seen by many as a privileged passport to better shooting positions, however, Max Earey gives practical advice on how to get good pictures without the magical Pass. more
May 2001
Lights, Camera - Action
Accompanied by a variety of his images, Max Earey describes how you can get started in the exciting field of of sports photography. more