IN FOCUS May 2004

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June 2003
Entering the Kidzone
Jeremy Webb takes a commercial look at something that most of us have at least dabbled in – photographing children. more
May 2003
Concerts & Plays - The Challenge of Live Performance
Jeremy Webb runs through the issues that you have to deal with in developing a commercial approach to live performance photography – whether it is a school play or a rock concert. more
April 2003
The Annual Report
Jeremy Webb walks us through the issues that he faced on a commission to photograph illustrative images forr an annual report. There was little control over the creative aspects of the commission, but that still left plenty of room for other issues that had to be thought through and dealt with. more
March 2003
Location Portraits
Jeremy Webb outline his approach to location portraits – this may seem like an esoteric corner of commercial photography, but it is in fact one of the most common forms of photography that we all engage in. more
February 2003
Successful commercial photography is about giving the client what he or she wants. This often involves good communication between the photographer and the commissioner of the project and that communication often starts with a ‘brief’. Jeremy Webb looks closely at this important link between the photographer and the customer. more
January 2003
Shooting for Stock Libraries
Jeremy Webb gives advice on shooting for stock libraries. more
December 2002
Behind The Scenes – A Documentary Project
Jeremy Webb outlines his approach to an ‘artistic’ commission, where he had generated the idea for the project, but then had to convince others to accept the project and then he had to execute it successful – standard fare for the commercial photographer. more
November 2002
Self-promotion – the secrets of success
Finding ways to promote yourself is a key to successful commercial photography. Jeremy Webb outlines his approach to self-promotion. more
October 2002
Ready for Anything!
The work of a commercial freelance professional photographer is unpredictable and requires the photographer to adapt to meet a wide variety of work assignments. This week Jeremy Webb discusses three quite different commissions that came in to his business. more
September 2002
Sculpture Park Commission
Being flexible and versatile are the hall marks of a successful commercial photographer and this month Jeremy Webb discusses how he approached what was for him an unusual commission. more
August 2002
Pictures At An Exhibition
How do you commercialise your photography? Jeremy Webb looks at one option – setting up an exhibition of your work. Jeremy brings is experience as a commercial photographer and his attention to detail to provide a very useful checklist for anyone interested in exhibiting. more
July 2002
The Portfolio
For those of us looking to develop in the world of commercial photography it is sometimes difficult to know what steps to take and how it should be done. Jeremy Webb looks at the critical issue of putting together a presentation portfolio. more
June 2002
Brochure shoot for university
Jeremy Webb takes us through the issues that he faced winning and then completing this commission for a University prospectus. The preparation, attention to detail and professional approach that he used for this job has helped ensure that he has won further work from the client. more
May 2002
Making & Selling Photographic Cards
As your photography skills develop and your stock of images increase, it is almost inevitable that you start to think about how to use these skills and your photos. Jeremy Webb outlines one idea that is worth pursuing. more
April 2002
Selling images – freelance
David Pike outlines a step-by-step approach to finding markets for your images on a freelance basis. A time consuming activity, but one which can be a lot of fun and, if it builds successfully can provide an income. more
March 2002
Photo Libraries and Agencies
David Pike explores the way forward for you to sell your images. In this first article he looks at selling images through a picture library or agency and he presents a number of the issues that you need to consider in making this choice. more
February 2002
Commercial assignments abroad
Jeremy Webb discusses the pros and cons of an overseas commercial commission – to photograph Tanzania - the dream ticket, or is it? more
January 2002
On Location
Jeremy Webb takes us through a specific commission that he received earlier this year – providing a good outline of a commercial photographer at work. more
December 2001
Aerial photography
This month Steve Allen takes us up to the heights of commercial photography as he outlines the issues related to aerial photography. more
November 2001
Perspectives on Commercial Photography
Jeremy Webb discusses three commissions that he worked on and the issues that he had to deal with to fulfill the initial commission and deliver what the client wanted. While in these three projects it was technical and creative issues that he had to address, Jeremy also explains that it is people and dealing with them that can often be the biggest challenge for a commercial photographer. more
October 2001
Industrial Photography
Commercial industrial photography often imposes tough shooting conditions on the photographer. Steve Allen takes us through some of the issues facing the average industrial shoot. more
August 2001
Shooting bikes and cars in the States
Malcolm Birkitt describes some of the issues he faced in photographing Harley Davidsons and Ford Thunderbirds in the US for a book commission. more
July 2001
Trying something new - a change of format
Experimenting with photography helps to keep the creative juices flowing and Malcolm Birkitt takes to a radically new format as a challenge to his photographic skills. more
June 2001
It's Show Time (shooting an event)
Malcolm Birkitt advises on how to approach a specific commission to shoot an event. What issues you need to address prior to going to the event and then the shooting strategy when you are there. more
May 2001
Shooting a Brochure for a Paving Manufacturer
The life of a commercial photographer is nothing if not varied and this month Malcolm Birkitt walks us through a project to shoot images of paving products for a new brochure. more