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July 2003
The Art of Disconnection
Niall Benvie more
June 2003
Story telling in pictures
There are many ways that you can take wildlife photographs – great portrait shots, behavioural shots, animals in their habitat and so on. In this month’s wildlife article Ann & Steve Toon discuss wildlife photographs that tell a story. more
May 2003
Ten Years in the Can
Niall Benvie reviews his first ten years as a professional photographer, provides advice on how to develop a career as a ‘professional’ nature photographer and outlines his philosophy as he moves forward in developing his own career. more
April 2003
Designing Better Wildlife Images
March 2003
European Beavers
Niall Benvie takes a personal look at the issues related to the re-establishment of beavers in Britain and touches on some of the issues related to photographing them. more
February 2003
Fieldnotes - How to get great shots in captive conditions
Steve and Ann Toon start a new bi-monthly series on wildlife photography by outlining the practicalities of shooting captive animals. more
January 2003
Seeking Ecological Asylum
Niall Benvie introduces a new series of articles that place wildlife photography in a wider context . This particular article may not tell you much about photographic techniques, but it is thought provoking about photography of wild places and wild life can do in a world which in many places has forgotten what wild is. more
December 2002
My Favourite 6
Andy Rouse shows us his 6 favorite shots more
November 2002
Red Deer
This month Andy Rouse describes the challenge of photographing Red Deer in the wild more
October 2002
A week in the life of... Red Grouse, Gorillas and the countryside march
This month Andy Rouse takes an unlooked for opportunity to photograph red grouse - he also shares with us his views on the countryside and the March. more
September 2002
A week in the life of….rutting Roe deer and a friendly hare
Andy Rouse tries out the new S2 Pro as he catches the tail-end of the roe deer rut and comes across a very tolerant and inquisitive hare. more
August 2002
A week in the life of …. Hippos and the Internet Lion Project
Andy Rouse takes a close up view of hippos and develops his innovative project to show his work on-line ‘as it happens’. more
July 2002
A week in the Life of…grizzly stories
This month Andy Rouse describes a quick trip to North America to refresh his grizzly bear stock. more
June 2002
A week in the life of... Namibia
Andy Rouse again puts his life on the line in search of great wildlife images, this month he describes a week shooting rhinos and other wildlife in Namibia more
May 2002
A week in the life of… horses, flamingos and trip prep
Andy Rouse takes us through a hectic week in which he completes two commercial assignments and prepares for a long overseas trip. more
April 2002
A week in the life of… photographing hares
A week of high contrast, Andy Rouse moves from the crowds of the NEC in Birmingham to the quiet of a pre-dawn English field where he was able to get several sessions photographing hares. more
March 2002
A week in the life of..
This month Andy Rouse goes to high altitudes and puts the Canon 1D through its paces on a commercial shoot with a tight deadline for an advertising agency. more
February 2002
A Review of 2001
Andy Rouse’s partner Tracey looks back over last year – touching on some of the highlights of Andy’s photography. Andy has also picked his favourite shots from the year to accompany the article. more
January 2002
A Week in the Life of...
Andy Rouse shares another week with us, this month it’s a combination of photography, office work and project preparation – a typical mix for any photographer who takes the job seriously. more
December 2001
A Week in the life of...
This month Andy Rouse describes a week on tour in Madagascar shooting lemurs putting his new Pentax medium format camera through its paces. more
November 2001
A Week in the life of...
This month Andy Rouse takes up a Pentax 645 medium format camera and has some close, very close, encounters with Rhinos. more
October 2001
A Week in the Life of….
Andy Rouse details another week in the busy schedule of a professional wildlife photographer. This week Andy goes to Finland to shoot ospreys. more
September 2001
Roe Deer – Ghosts of the Forest
Andy Rouse shares the tricks of his trade – not just photography tips, he explains how to get close enough to your quarry to have any chance of photography. more
August 2001
A week in the life of…..
Its not all travel and glamour as a working professional photographer and Andy Rouse takes us through a fairly typical working week. If you like the format of this article please let us know and Andy will keep it going. more
July 2001
Camouflage - Hide and Seek for adults
This month Andy Rouse gives us the low down on camouflage gear, for those elusive wildlife shots… and never mind the smell…
To buy camouflage kit please go to that section of the Shop more
June 2001
Andy Rouse provides practical advice on how he approached an opportunity he had to photograph foxes. more
May 2001
Andy Rouse, in his own inimitable style, describes his encounters with tigers in India, providing tips and techniques on how to photograph these stunning cats in the wild. more