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June 2003
Travelling Light
Jon Sparks discusses the advantages of traveling with little gear – not only does this make for a lighter load, but it can also improve your photography. more
May 2003
Urban Landscapes- a personal philosophy
Jon Bower continues with the second and final part of his article on photographing cities and towns. more
April 2003
Urban Landscapes - a personal philosophy
The sweeping landscapes of the wild are perhaps the normal fare for landscape photographers, but many of us spend a lot of our working and leisure time in towns and cities and Jon Bower. brings his landscape photographer’s eye to bear on the urban environment in this first of a two part article. more
March 2003
Figuring the Landscape
Jon Sparks discusses the issues related to photographing people as part of the landscape. Clearly most landscape photographers avoid having people in their shots, but as Jon argues this may not always be appropriate. more
February 2003
The Intimate Landscape
Smaller details in the landscape can be just as rewarding to shoot as sweeping vistas. Lee Frost gets up close and personal. more
January 2003
Stretching the Truth
In recent years, panoramic cameras have gone from near-obscurity to unrivalled popularity. Lee Frost finds out why, and looks at the options available. more
December 2002
From a single raindrop to raging rapids, water offers bags of potential for great pictures. Lee Frost takes the plunge. more
October 2002
Coastal Views
With some 10,000 miles of it to choose from, the coastline of Great Britain offers a wealth of photo opportunities. Lee Frost tells you how to make the most of them. more
September 2002
The Fine art of grainy images
In these days of super-sharp films, grain is almost a thing of the past. But some photographers, including Lee Frost, love the stuff – and the courser it is, the better. more
August 2002
Out of Africa
Namibia is an increasinglyt popular photographic destination and Lee Frost outlines a trip that he made to this stunning landscape destination. more
July 2002
How to use neutral density filters
If you want to take perfect landscapes in any situation you must know how to use neutral density graduate filters. Lee Frost tells you how to make the most of them. more
June 2002
Old Romantic
Venice is perhaps Europe’s most inspiring city for photographers. Regular visitor Lee Frost offers some hints on how to make the most of its decaying beauty. more
May 2002
Being commissioned to take the photographs for a book on Northumbria introduced Lee Frost to a little known region of the UK. Today he not only rates it as his favourite place for landscape photography – he lives there too. more
April 2002
Shot at Dawn
If you want to take great landscapes, Lee Frost's advice is simple - get up early and avoid the summer. more
March 2002
In the Bag
The equipment photographers use is very subjective, and based on a number of factors. Lee Frost empties out the contents of his gadget bag and explains the reasons behind his own personal preferences. more
February 2002
Metering for Landscapes – Part II
Last month Lee Frost sang the praises of integral metering systems. This time he looks at the benefits of using handheld meters to determine correct exposure. more
January 2002
Metering for Landscape
The location is perfect, the light magnificent and your composition couldn't be better. All you need to do now is ensure you get the exposure right. In the first of a two-part feature, Lee Frost looks at the benefits of using your SLRs integral metering system to produce perfect results every time. more
December 2001
Cold Snaps
Winter has much to offer to the photographer willing to do his woolies and head outdoors. Lee Frost feels the chill. more
November 2001
Night Watch
As the curtains of nightfall are drawn across the world, a wealth of exciting photo opportunities literally glow in the dark. Lee Frost grabs his gadget bag and heads-off for the late shift. more
October 2001
Weather or not
Bad weather can produce great pictures if you're willing to brave the elements and risk a soaking. Lee Frost dons his waterproofs. more
September 2001
With its stunning backdrop of colour, changeable weather and dramatic light, Autumn is the most exciting time of the year for landscape photography. Lee Frost tells you how to make the most of this golden opportunity. more
August 2001
According to many photographers, the quality of light during the last hour before sunset is better than the rest of the day put together. Lee Frost is one of them. more
July 2001
Using Depth of Field
Knowing what's going to be in and out of focus in your landscape pictures is vitally important. That's all down to depth-of-field. Lee Frost explains what it is, how to assess it and, most important of all, how to control it. more
June 2001
Filters are an essential part of every landscape photographer's system. But which ones do you really need? Very few, actually, says Lee Frost. more
May 2001
The way a landscape photograph is composed can have a significant impact on its impact and aesthetic appeal. Lee Frost offers some advice to put to firmly in the frame. more