IN FOCUS May 2004

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March 2003
Moving in close
Malcolm Birkitt takes another look at garden photography as we continue to broaden the ‘Architecture’ section of ‘In Focus’ more
January 2003
Sowing the seeds of great garden shots
Malcolm Birkitt more
November 2002
Keeping a Weather Eye
Malcolm Birkitt returns to the fundamentals of light and lighting and its effects for the architectural photograper more
October 2002
A Question of Scale
In a two dimensional image it is sometimes difficult to judge scale, particularly when a subject is isolated from any context within the frame. Malcolm Birkitt discusses the issues related to scale, an important consideration in architectural photography. more
September 2002
Faces of the City
Malcolm Birkitt heads for the city for the highest concentration of buildings and describes the best approaches for those dynamic cityscape images. more
August 2002
Being canny with compositions
Composition is the artistic part of photography and it does not come easy to everyone. Malcolm Birkitt provides some thoughts and pointers on this aspect of architectural photography. more
July 2002
Taking a modern view
Malcolm Birkitt takes a look at photographing modern buildings some – like Prince Charles - may hate them, others may love them, but where-ever you stand on the architectural merits of modern buildings, there can be little doubt that they make striking photographic subjects. more
June 2002
Filter tips
Not a recommendation by Malcolm Birkitt for the smokers among us, but an outline of useful filters for architectural photography. more
May 2002
Local Heroes
Malcolm Birkitt reminds us that while we may longing look further afield at more distant and exotic locations, we should not overlook the subjects that are right under our noses in our local area. more
April 2002
Using lenses and apertures creatively
How many lenses do you need? A very different question to how many lenses do you want? This month Malcolm Birkitt looks at lens choice for architectural photographers. more
March 2002
Honing and Improving Compositions
Really working a subject is the best advice for developing strong and unique photographic images. Malcolm Birkitt takes us through the rigours of improving architectural composition. more
February 2002
Aiming at a Project
Malcolm Birkitt this month outlines the importance of focusing on specific subjects, giving yourself a ‘brief’, a project to complete to give your photography direction. more
January 2002
An Eye for Detail
Malcolm Birkitt this month focuses in on architectural detail as an alternative strategy to build up a picture of a building. more
December 2001
Inside Jobs
This month Malcolm Birkitt takes us indoors to look at interior photography – which may be more comfortable during the bad weather of the winter months – but there are many issues that need to be addressed. more
November 2001
Looking for an Angle
Malcolm Birkitt continues his Architecture Features looking this month at the critical issue of viewpoint in photographing buildings. more
October 2001
Let There Be Light
The all important issue of 'light'is the main topic of Malcolm Birkitt's second article in our new Architectural photography feature. more
September 2001
Super Structures - An Introduction
In the first of a new Feature Article series Malcolm Birkitt introduces us to the world of architectural photography. more