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March 2004
Epson Stylus Photo R800
Joanne Mead more
February 2004
Review of Canon TC-80N3
Remote for EOS 3, 1V, D60, 10D, 1D and 1Ds. Joanne Mead more
December 2003
Canon 500D diopter
Peter Madeley more
June 2003
Sekonic Super Zoom Master L-608
Colin Leftley reviews the Sekonic Super Zoom Master L-608, Guide Price £399 more
May 2003
EPSON Photo 925 Printer
Colin Leftley explores the Epson 925 printer aimed at the professional and serious amateur photographer. more
April 2003
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM
March 2003
Mamiya 645 AFD
Colin Leftley reviews the Mamiya 645 AFD. Guide Price £2300 with 80mm and 120/220 back more
February 2003
Nikon Coolpix 5700
Heading the line-up of Nikon Coolpix digital cameras, the five megapixel 5700, offers a comprehensive range of features and control usually associated with a semi-pro SLR camera. more
January 2003
Fuji Finepix S2 Pro Digital SLR – First look.
Delivering 12 million pixel images, this latest SLR from Fuji looks set to offer a top-flight performance at a very reasonable price and may tempt you to plunge into the digital deep. Colin Leftley gives his initial impressions. more
November 2002
Nikon FM3a
Colin Leftley reviews the Nikon FM3a, a traditionally-styled manual focus SLR suiting those seeking small size, and the greater dependability of a mechanical shutter. more
October 2002
Fuji Finepix S602 Zoom
Colin Leftley takes a close look at this new Fuji digital camera, whichh he describes as more than just a fine tuned version of the much loved Finepix 6900 this 3 megapixel machine boasts of significant improvements which make it an even more attractive proposition. Guide Price £800 more
September 2002
Canon EOS 1D Digital SLR
As an owner Dave Stewart has been able to take a long and close look at this top of the range Canon digital SLR. more
August 2002
Colin Leftley takes a look at what he describes as a ‘go-anywhere medium-format rangefinder camera’ that offers the benefits of large 6x7cm images, and still takes interchangeable lenses and other accessories. Guide Price £1560 including 80mm f/ 4 lens. more
July 2002
Sigma 170-500mm f/5.6-6.3
Colin Leftley takes a close look at the Sigma 170-500mm lens - a compact apochromatic ultra-telephoto zoom lens that seems ideal for helping out sport, nature and landscape photographers. Guide Price £649 including fitted case and lenshood. more
June 2002
Bronica SQ-B
Upgrading to medium format can make big changes to your photography. The budget-priced Bronica SQ-B promises quality, versatility and performance in a simplified no-nonsense package. Colin Leftley takes a close look at the camera to see if it lives up to this promise. Guide pricee £999 including 80mm f/2.8 lens. more
May 2002
Fuji Finepix 6900 Zoom
Colin Leftley takes a close look at the camera at the upper end of Fuji's digital product range. more
April 2002
Olympus Camedia 2.0
Compact digitals can make a very useful accessory for the serious photographer, either for use as a back-up, or for test-shot purposes, or just so that you can always have a camera with you. Colin Leftley takes a look at the Camedia C-2 - bargain-priced and pocket-sized, the Camedia C-2 may make an ideal introduction to the world of digital photography or an ideal digital accessory. more
March 2002
Sunpak Auto DX 12R Ringflash
Capturing the helter skelter of macro life can be made easier using a TTL ringflash. Colin Leftley gives the low-down on Sunpak’s versatile and convenient top-line model. Price guide £ 250 for flash unit , £55 for AF module, £20 for standard module more
February 2002
Canon S-800 Photo
Canon’s New S800 Photo printer looks set to put the fun back into producing high quality colour prints. It’s said to be quiet, fast and easy to use and so Colin Leftley tried it out to test whether this is the case. more
January 2002
Canoscan D2400UF
Colin Leftley puts a versatile all-in-one scanner to the test. The Canoscan D2400UF is capable of handling documents, prints, and all film formats from 35mm right through to 5x4in. Guide Price £330 more
December 2001
TOKINA AT-X 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 Mk II
Colin Leftley takes a close look at the Tokina big zoom lens and askes the critical question of whether the quality of the lens matches the convenience of the focal length range. more
November 2001
Bronica RF 645
Colin Leftley takes a close look at the Bronica RF645, which he describes as a flexible medium-format rangefinder camera taking interchangeable lenses that's perfect for some, restricting for others’. Read on and see which camp you are likely to be in. more
October 2001
Voigtlander Bessa-T
Colin Leftley takes a close look at the Bessa T, the budget-priced entry into the world of 35mm rangefinder photography. Guide Price £340 body, 50mm f/1.5 £290 more
September 2001
Sigma SA-9
Colin Leftley takes a look at Sigma’s latest foray into SLR camera bodies with a thorough review of the SA-9 – a sound camera let down by a relatively poor autofocus system. Suggested retail price £380. more
August 2001
Pentax EI-2000
Colin Leftley takes a close look at the 2 mega pixel Pentax digital camera, which sits in a comfortable niche between the full-spec SLR digitals and the multitude of digital compacts. more
July 2001
AF Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX
Zoom lenses are not the answer to every photographic situation and Colin Leftley takes a closer look at the Sigma 105mm macro lens which offers a good solution to a number of different photographic situations. more
June 2001
Nikon F90x Long-term test
Colin Leftley takes stock of his Nikon F90x that he has been using daily for the last two years. On balance he rates the camera highly, but he points out some shortcomings. more
May 2001
Olympus Camedia E-10
Its a digital double bill this month as Colin Leftley our technical wizard puts the Olympus E-10 on his work bench - his conclusion a great camera for those that want to make the jump from conventional SLRs. more