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July 2003
1/60 sec at F11 on ISO 50 Velvia.
Mike Busselle discusses the issues that he thinks are important surrounding the question of exposure. more
July 2003
Strong Thumbnails
Mike Busselle discusses the changes to stock photography and the impact of digitizing and digital images. more
June 2003
Photographing Trees
Trees can say as much about location as any building or tribal warrior. Here Michael Busselle discusses the art and craft of photographing these great natural structures. more
May 2003
In Search of the Perfect Viewpoint
Choosing the appropriate position for your camera is an important skill for the landscape photographer and this month Mike Buselle explores the issues related to camera position and the effect on the image. more
April 2003
Another Landscape
Mike Busselle discusses the joys and frustrations of landscape photography and he discusses how he increasingly finds himself eschewing the classic landscape for something a little alternative. more
March 2003
Photographing Water
‘Water Water everywhere, nor any drop to drink’, so wrote Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the Rime of the ancient Mariner, yet Mike Busselle in this month’s article take issue with the omnipresent fashion statement of the Vitelle bottle. He also goes on to explore the techniques for great water shots. more
February 2003
My Year
One of the best ways to learn is ‘on-the-job’ but this means taking a close look at what you have done, what went right and what went wrong. Reviewing your photographic experience is an important way to improve and in this article Mike Busselle looks back over 2002 and considers two important features of the year and the impact that they have had on his photography. more
January 2003
Mike Busselle, I made a couple of milestone decisions this week, both long overdue. I gave away my enlarger and I bought a digital camera. more
December 2002
Found Still Lives
Some of the best photographs are pre-visualised and then executed carefully, many great shots, however, are opportunistic. Mike Busselle discusses the opportunistic cameo’s that abound when you travel to less familiar places – if you keep your eyes open. more
November 2002
Over the Sea to Skye
Many of us travel far and wide for our photography and our family holidays and yet there are some incredibly beautiful places on our doorsteps. Mike Busselle turns his travel photographer’s eye on a location near to home. more
October 2002
Beyond Rajasthan
Mike Busselle takes us to the back of beyond, the less well known state of Gujarat in India where he could delight in the more unspoiled nature of India. more
September 2002
The Sky
How many times have great photo opportunities been spoilt by a bland sky. This month Mike Busselle discusses the best photographic techniques for dealing with this sometimes troublesome component of a picture. more
August 2002
Holiday in Provence
Constantly plagued by the notion that his photo trips are really holidays Mike Busselle discusses the issues that he faced on a recent assignment in Provence. more
July 2002
Mike Busselle discusses the issues that he faced on a recent trip to the US. more
June 2002
Photographing The Dordogne
A commited Francophile Mike Busselle takes us to one of his favourite travel destinations and shares the secrets of travel photography on location in the Dordogne. more
May 2002
Camera Craft
Mike Busselle shares his 'routine' with his camera - something that now comes as second nature to him, but for those of us not luckily enough to use a camera as often as he does, something that perhaps we need to think through and absorb. more
April 2002
getting away from it all is one of the pleasures of being a travel photographer and Mike Busselle takes us to Morocco with its stunning landscapes, rich culture and exciting souks – a destination providing a rich tapestry of ‘travel’ subjects. more
March 2002
Medium Format or 35mm
Mike Busselle explores the issues related to photo format – an issue many 35mm photographers grapple with in the quest for better images – is the move to medium format worth the investment? more
February 2002
Photographing Buildings
Buildings often reflect the local culture and photographing them can be a great way for the Travel photographer to impart a sense of place. Mike Busselle provides tips and techniques for photographing buildings. more
January 2002
Winter Photography
Mike Busselle encourages us to get out there and takes some photographs, despite the miserable conditions that can often prevail during the winter months. more
December 2001
A Good Light
Mike Busselle looks at the critical issue of the quality of light in travel photography. more
November 2001
Keep it Simple
So often in photography less is more and this month Mike Busselle outlines some sound advice on composition and approach to travel photography. more
October 2001
Photographing People
Often people make the place and capturing images of local people is an important aspect of travel photography. Mike Busselle outlines his approach to this often sensitive issue. more
September 2001
Planning a Trip
As an experienced travel photographer Mike Busselle knows all about planning trips and in this article he shares the lessons he has learned. more
August 2001
Culture Shock
It is important when you first visit an are to take note of everything that you find different and strange, these are likely to be the elements that help define a place – Mike Busselle tells how to use culture shock to advantage. more
July 2001
Selling Your Work
Rather than limiting yourself to showing friends and family Mike Busselle discusses how to find a larger audience for your images and get paid for it. more
June 2001
A Sense Of Place
With the wide range of images shown in magazines, on TV and on the internet there are many overseas destinations which are ‘familiar’. Mike Busselle shows us how to create a sense of place while avoiding the hackneyed ‘postcard’ type shot. more
May 2001
Travelling with a Camera
Travel and photography almost always go hand-in-hand. Mike Busselle, a veteran travel photographer, explores the issues and provides various tips on Travelling with a Camera. more