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If you would like to submit an article to UK Photographics and receive
six month's free membership please follow the guidelines listed below. We
are keen to see articles on techniques, destinations and any of our
specialist areas. Please send all articles and accompanying images to Please note:

1. All articles should be sent as a PC format Word file or as a .txt file

2. Articles should be no more than 1200 Words

3. Each article should be accompanied by 5-8 images that help illustrate
the article. These images should be sent as high-res jpeg files with the
following specification:

72dpi and 800 pixel width

4. Please indicate in the subject title of the e-mail what type of
article it is using one of the following categories:

1. Techniques Article
2. Destination Article
3. Product Review Article
4. Landscape Photography Article
5. Wildlife Photography Article
6. Travel Photography Article
7. Commercial Photography Article
8. Lifestyle Photography Article
9. Sports Photography Article
10. Architecture/Gardening Photography Article
11. Digital Photography Article

Thank you.