Cameras for all

Whether you are taking your first steps into people photography or underwater video or you are a seasoned pro we have a complete line up of equipment suitable for a broad range of experience and budget.

Design features

A key design criteria for all our gear is usability and durability. Being photographers ourselves we know that there is no point having equipment that is not practical to travel with or fails to perform underwater or which does not stand up to the rigors of the environment in the field. Hence our equipment is always geared towards minimal size and weight with maximum ease of control via reliable electronic interfaces and where necessary ergo dynamic manual control inputs. An integrated rear mounted colour wide screen monitor is included in all our housings as standard.

Cameras for all needs

We love cameras for whatever you’re doing, whether you’re diving, taking pictures of nature in the beautiful landscape of South Ayrshire or photographing a wedding.

We regularly replace our hire fleet with the latest products which means Ex-Demo equipment is sometimes available at reasonable prices and we often have a stock of customer housings and lights for sale after users have upgraded to new systems.